Factory Inspection


CCC Factory inspection includes initial factory inspection (if the inspection is carried out after the certificate has been issued, it is called the first inspection), follow-up inspectionspecial inspection and inspection for certificate resumption. Generally speaking, the frequency of follow-up inspection is once per year within 12 months since initial factory inspection, it can also be adjusted by certification body based on the result of factory classification.

The manufacturer shall establish, implement and continuously maintain its production consistency control system as stipulated in Annex of the Implementation Rules (Requirement of Factory’s Quality Assurance Ability or Requirements on COP) to ensure that the persistently meet the requirements for compulsory product certified products certification are met.

Factory inspection is the evaluation carried out by the certification body on whether the producer or the manufacturer’s production consistency control system can meet the requirements for certification. The initial factory inspection covers the examination of the production consistency control plan and the on-site factory inspection for production consistency. In principle, the initial factory inspection shall be completed within one year after a successful type test. Otherwise, the type retest of products shall be required.

  • Initial Factory Inspection is required for a manufacturer that does not have a valid CCC Factory Inspection reportor it is the first time going through the CCC certification process for the first time.
  • One of the biggest challenges when scheduling a CCC Initial Factory Inspection is obtaining Visas for inspectors, but CCIC EUT can arrange our experienced inspectors based in Europe. There are no additional Visa requirements, which will save you a lot of time and money.
  • Generally speaking, initial factory inspection requires 2 auditors working for a period of 2 days.However, the time frame may vary based on the number of products to be certified.

   CCIC EUT covers the most products in the CCC catalogue, such as wire and cables, small power motors, motor-operated electric tools, electrical household appliances, IT equipment, motor vehicles and components, and safety accessories.