Want to apply for the CCC? Here, CCIC Europe-Testing S.L. offers you a simpler, faster and more reliable solution.

The core services of CCIC EUT involve Product Testing and Factory Inspection for China Compulsory Certification (CCC). Furthermore, as a training branch of CQC, we provide engineering and technical support for companies willing to enter Chinese market. During the first stages our Lab focuses on the automotive sector, for instance, motor vehicles’ door locks and retention components, interior materials, devices for indirect vision, and external lighting and light-signaling devices, while our aim is to expand services to other fields in the future.

I. General Application Process for CCC Approval
  • The simple testing should be passed; if not, modification to simple & documents
  • Initial factory inspection or SC (first) factory inspection should be passed, if not, Implement corrective measures.
II. General CCC Certification Process with corresponding timeline


  • The different CCC product could have different timeline.